Kill or Keep?

Kill or Keep?

What would you do?

In the not too distant future, technology will bring us to the point where a moral decision will need to be made.
I had already written April Dawn-Life Lives before a program appeared on TV about a man investing millions into continuing living after his body is 'spent'. A way for his brain waves and patterns, with all its memories, feelings, emotions etc be transplanted into an artificial brain, within an artificial replica body.
So, what if it became possible? But then you discover the new brain was 'flawed', such as you reproduced Einsteins brain patterns. He remembers everyone. He has feelings and emotions. His whole life he remembers - except he can't add up for toffee!! As his 'creator' would you kill him because you brought him back to life for his math genius?
What about bringing your grandmother back? She remembers everything and everyone,except her feelings towards you have changed and she heaps more affection on your sister or brother. You are seriously miffed with her ingratitude! As her 'creator' would you kill her? Try again maybe? You did after all reincarnate her. Legally, you do own her?
In the case of April Dawn, she was created for military use, but in their eyes she is not fit for purpose, yet she has memories, feelings etc from a previous life/lives.
What would you do?

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