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Peter Cain

Peter Cain

I have now lived in Lagos, Portugal for 17 years and it is where I have written most of my material. Not only have I written Novels and poetry books, I also work on animations, so I am kept generally busy, and that is inbetween skippering boats during the summer season. I also do a weekly weather feature on Kiss Fm Portugal on Sunday mornings.
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New video

booksPosted by Sun, October 16, 2016 10:45:01
Apart from the funeral of a friend on Wednesday (only 55 years old), I spent the week producing and editing a new video review for my book A-Z of Animal Poems & Colouring Book, which is specifically aimed at students who are learning English as a second language.

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Busy week

booksPosted by Sun, October 09, 2016 17:15:16
A week has gone by already. I cannot believe it! Finished off the help sheet for teachers & students to explain to foreign students and young readers the double meanings, phrases, expressions and meanings contained within the A-Z of Animal Poems & colouring book which spread out to 12 pages.
Went to a couple of dinners with friends. Thursday had to get up at 0430 to see off some clients who were staying in the girlfriends villa, and then went to the airfield to see a friend and video him taking her up in his microlite plane.
On Friday packaged up the books and posted them all off to the winners of the Goodreads competition. Started on the second edit of 'Till the End of Time'.
Organised a birthday cake for another friend who was 70 on Saturday and who did not want a party. He got one anyway. Also fitted an Android Box in for him which his wife bought as a present. Today, after doing the Seawatch Report on Kiss Fm Portugal, I went out with clients skippering a boat. A job that pays!!

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Busy Sunday morning at Kiss Fm Portugal studios

booksPosted by Mon, October 03, 2016 11:34:19
Went with Sir Owen Gee to give him my monthly assistance at the radio station in Albufeira, Portugal. Besides providing my usual Seawatch and weather reports, on this morning we had special guest, Ian Carfrae, formerly of the New Vaudeville Band, whose songs, Winchester Cathedral and Peekaboo, were top ten hits in the 1970’s. He came with Chris Winstanley, the Director of the Algarvians Theatre Group. They came in to promote 'Pollen: The Musical' which Ian co-wrote with Robert Hay-Smith and the Algarvians Theatre Group were staging the European premiere of the musical. I have known Chris personally for some time and I recognized Ian whom I have bumped into on occasion. Anyway, I ended up buying tickets to the Gala Champagne Reception on opening night, 20th October. These tickets are more expensive at €20, more than the normal €12, but hey, still cheap.

So, today (Monday) I am writing two press releases for the local papers. One for 'Pollen: The Musical' and the other for the release of my 'A-Z of Animal Poems & Colouring Book' which I was greatly surprised to have over 1,600 people enter my Goodreads competition to win one of ten books I was giving away. I thought there may only be 1,000 entries at best, so I am well pleased.

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A-Z of Animal Poems & Colouring Book

booksPosted by Sat, October 01, 2016 12:11:03
Hi everyone,
my Goodreads Giveaway promotion exceeded my expectations with over 1,600 people entering to win one of the ten books I am giving away.
Congratulations to these winners:-

Pat Green, Twickenham, GB

Timothy Hall, Concord N. US

Jillian Easton, Smithville, US

Alan Brown, Lancing, GB

Emma Frost, Barnsley, GB

Nicole Bright, Daventry GB

Christa Soco, Griffith US

Timea Cassera,Broxbourne, GB

Sharon Burton, Erlanger, US

Meredith Isbell, Louisville, US

A big thank you to all those who took part. I hope you will all keep in touch.

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booksPosted by Mon, October 28, 2013 10:18:07
Just updated my 'Interactive Traveler' Tour the Football Clubs in the Barclays Premier League and 'Interactive Traveler' English Football - Tour all the clubs in the top 4 leagues.
These books contain lots of pictures and provides a whole host of information about club nicknames, mascots, stadium history, club history, owners details, current manager and playing squad, league results of every match played in the leagues so far this season etc etc.
What is different about these books? They are the pretty much the same as my other 'Interactive Traveler' books which are specially written for e-books in that you can travel from one place to the other (North, South, East, West etc) using the directional indicators - just for a bit of fun because you can return to the main menu at any time.

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