Peter Cain

Peter Cain

Peter Cain

I have now lived in Lagos, Portugal for 17 years and it is where I have written most of my material. Not only have I written Novels and poetry books, I also work on animations, so I am kept generally busy, and that is inbetween skippering boats during the summer season. I also do a weekly weather feature on Kiss Fm Portugal on Sunday mornings.
My website is

A-Z of Animal Poems & Colouring Book

booksPosted by Sat, October 01, 2016 12:11:03
Hi everyone,
my Goodreads Giveaway promotion exceeded my expectations with over 1,600 people entering to win one of the ten books I am giving away.
Congratulations to these winners:-

Pat Green, Twickenham, GB

Timothy Hall, Concord N. US

Jillian Easton, Smithville, US

Alan Brown, Lancing, GB

Emma Frost, Barnsley, GB

Nicole Bright, Daventry GB

Christa Soco, Griffith US

Timea Cassera,Broxbourne, GB

Sharon Burton, Erlanger, US

Meredith Isbell, Louisville, US

A big thank you to all those who took part. I hope you will all keep in touch.

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